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Cork Pin Boards

Our Extensive Range of Cork Pin Boards

Cork pin boards are generally regarded as an environmentally friendly product. The sustainability of it’s production and the recycling of cork products are two of its most positive points. It’s makes  excellent cork pin boards too! You can find out why this wonderful material makes such a great notice board by viewing our blog post here.

Cut to size serviceGet a FREE quote

You can buy standard size cork pin boards from on our online store or you can contact us for a FREE cut to size quote. In fact nearly all our pin boards can be made to measure. Including our felt notice boards in over 100 fabric colours.  Or contact us by email or phone to see how we can help with your special requirement or any other reason of course. All of our products are of a commercial quality and thickness (8mm-11mm Board + Frame depth). Suitable for schools, businesses and the home designed to give you years of continued use. Our cork notice board range has grown considerably over the years, so take time to check out the various frame options we have in our store.

All of our range carry a minimum 2 year guarantee (most suppliers only offer 1 year). Which consequently means you can save money with our great sale prices & buy with confidence.

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