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Frameless Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

£28.95£87.95 +vat

At a Glance Details

Construction: ABS
Surface: Non-Magnetic
Colour: White + Edge colour
Sides: Double Sided – plain / feint grid
Corners: Square
Guarantee: 2 Years

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Product Description

Frameless Whiteboards with Super Low Profile Edging

Modern & Stylish frameless whiteboards with a very slim ABS edging. You have a choice of  6 different edge colours which include white, blue, red, yellow, green and black. An attractive design with a choice of colour accents to match existing décor or corporate colour schemes. Or choose the white edging to truly emphasise the frameless design.

Super smooth non-magnetic writing surface designed for great image quality and easy cleaning. Additionally the board is double-sided with the reverse having a 25mm feint grid. This dual function further extends the usefulness and life of these boards. Furthermore, the gridded side is especially useful if you need to draw boxes, charts and graphs. Customers can use the feint guidelines to improve the look of hand-drawn graphics, or write in straighter lines. Also of note is the fact that the grid lines almost disappear when viewed at a distance, which means they will not obscure your information.

The unframed design,  along with the 2mm ultra low profile edging, means these boards can be mounted side by side. Resulting in an almost seamless join, making this an ideal solution useful for larger whole wall requirements. Consequently, this Makes them ideally suited to training rooms, sales offices and call centres. Mounting the boards is an easy task, thanks to the boards being pre-drilled and supplied with edge colour matching screw covers.

Available in a range of 6 standard sizes only.  These boards offer a smart and modern alternative to the more industrial looking standard aluminium framed whiteboards. (This range is not available cut to size).

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