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About Notice Me

History of the Notice Me Company

Notice Me was started by Russel Steward in the later part 2007. Drawing on 12 years experience in the office supplies sector. It was there where he took a particular interest in display products and especially notice boards. Simply by recognising and responding to a growing market demand for cut-to-size notice boards and a desire for a wider choice of felt colours. With the stationery company being an early adopter to the internet, they began to advertise these specials services and colour options and the demand was almost immediate. So, from those humble beginnings a seed was planted that some years later led to the formation of Notice Me.

From the outset, Notice Me was set up to provide three basic missions.

  1. Provide that much needed made to measure service
  2. Offer a large range of felt colours and other fabrics
  3. Offer a much wider choice of frames

With those fundamentals in place and proving successful and popular, it was time to grow the philosophy even more. The new catchword for the company was ‘choice’.

The company expanded and became a partnership based on increased family input. The product range also grew to include even more display items that could be made to the customer’s specification. Specifically whiteboards in all different types.

Based in Hayes, in Middlesex (just west of London) we serve not only our local area, but offer deliveries on a national basis.


Give it Some Colour

Notice boards are a great product aren’t they! Exciting? ..Well perhaps not. But they are  easily obtainable and mostly do what they are supposed to do very well, – display notices & posters. Historically you had just a small handful of basic colours and sizes and that’s it! That’s where Notice Me started thinking what if you had more choice, more colours, more sizes & more frames, in short a much more expandable and personalised product? So that’s what we set about creating.

You will find that many of our products can be customised, it’s what we have become known for. So we now offer custom sizes on many products, plus a huge range of fabric & frame colours. Of course we still supply many off the shelf standard products, with many budget priced models for when cost is a prime concern