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Cut to Size Service

Cut to Size Notice Boards & Whiteboards

Make the most of your available wall space with our cut to size notice boards & whiteboards! Have your drywipe whiteboard, cork or felt pin board or glazed indoor & External notice boards cut or made to your exact size. This allows you to have the largest working space available for your notices that your wall space will allow. For even more coverage you might even want to consider our cut to size unframed pinboards.

Most standard size notice boards are rectangular, but if your requirement is for something square then let us cut it to size for you! Perhaps you need a long narrow board suitable for use on a building support pillar, again let us create a custom sized dry wipe, felt, cork or combination board especially for you!

Cut to Size Service

We offer a made to measure service on many of our pin boards and whiteboards, something many of our customers take advantage of.

So, whether it’s a Fabric notice board, Cork Board, Sundeala Re-Cycled Pinboard or a Whiteboard, we can manufacture custom notice boards to your required size. Even some of our Glazed internal and external notice boards can be manufactured to your size requirement!

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It doesn’t stop at just cut to size boards!

When ordering your cut-to-size pin board, cork, Hessian, Sundeala or dry wipe board you can still select from our multitude of options to further enhance and personalise your board for a truly bespoke product.

Fabric colour choice

If it’s a fabric or felt pin board you need, then check out our phenomenal range of fabric colours. With over 1000 colours to choose, there is bound to be something that fits in with your décor or mood. We now have a range of Hessian fabric colours too!

Sundeala (a popular recycled pinboard) Boards are also available cut-to-size. Available unframed, framed and with or without fabric covering.

Additionally you can still specify a choice of aluminium or wood frames. Select from Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Pear and American White Oak finishes.

Whatever your project, colour or style, talk to us and let us make it happen.

Extra Long/Large Boards

cut to size notice boards & whiteboardsWhen you need a longer or taller board we can supply our popular Whiteboards and Felt Pinboards in a self-Assembly kit form.

These kit boards have a frame around the outside and joining bars across the board where the individual pieces meet.
On whiteboards the bars are white aluminium so they blend in as much as possible with the white surface. On pin boards they are usually silver anodised.
Using this process means you can have a board that goes up 2400mm high and virtually any length (width).

Please Note:
The maximum length of most of our boards is 2400mm (about 8ft). While the maximum width is 1200mm (about 4ft).
We do not supply unframed magnetic or unframed Non-magnetic dry wipe boards. This is for safety and quality reasons.

Please note:
Our cutting tolerance is +/- 5mm, this means that your finished board could be up to 5mm longer &/or wider, &/or up to 5mm shorter in width & length. please bear this in mind if you are ordering a cut to size board for a specific space, frame or Poster etc.

For example if you have a specific maximum space in which to fit your board, then ask for a board that is 5mm shorter on the length & width. Then if we cut your board 5mm longer or wider (our tolerance) it will still fit!