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Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard

Customers Request Frameless Whiteboards

We have been receiving requests for frameless whiteboards since we started trading back in 2007. However we were not always in a position to actually supply them! The request was even more difficult to fulfill when they wanted them to be magnetic too. The problem was all to do with the edge of the board once it had been cut. Most conventional whiteboards are built on a 8-10mm thick MDF core. To say nothing of being topped with a sheet of steel with magnetic boards.

Each magnetic whiteboard has a very thin sheet of steel just under the white surface, this is what the magnets stick to. However once you cut a whiteboard, (usually with a circular bench saw), that steel edge can become jagged and very sharp.  And that was a real problem. Suppliers simply can’t send out a product that could potentially be hazardous. However suppliers didn’t have an ideal way of finishing off the edge. They would need a way to make it safe & attractive as well as being quick & easy to do. So, although the pre-laminated dry wipe board could be cut to size for a customer it had to be framed.  

Low Profile Frameless Whiteboards

One of the first products to meet this demand was our low profile frameless whiteboards. This non-magnetic only board, uses a super low profile ABS plastic edging. The 2mm edging finishes off the edge of the board but still allows the boards to be butt-mounted together to cover larger areas or even whole walls. Choosing the white coloured edging helps to emphasise the frameless look, but the choice of others colours can create a whole new look to your whiteboard.