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Mobile Whiteboard – A Simple Solution!

Even in these days of digital displays, the humble mobile whiteboard has endured. It’s easy to see why. While digital displays certainly have their place, they have some disadvantages too. Most larger displays require a power supply, so mains leads can limit placement. The screen will require a source of some type and presentations need to be created in advance. There is also a matter of equipment reliability, set up and experience in using such equipment. Even lighting can be a cause for concern.

But in many cases a simple writing board, where the content can be easily changed, is much more preferable. This is where a mobile whiteboard excels. The simple, but highly effective dry wipe writing surface is incredibly reliable and easy to use.

The Whiteboard History

They say simple ideas are often the best, and this is surely one of them. The whiteboard was essentially an evolution of the chalk board. There were concerns regarding the chalk dust and the dangers of inhaling it in small classrooms. A solution was required. Thus the whiteboard was born. However it not only addressed the dangers of chalk dust, but brought many other benefits too. For example the much smoother surface, along with dry marker pens, made marking & erasing more rapid.  Today we have a choice of four surface types of mobile whiteboard. Namely basic non-magnetic, coated steel, vitreous enamel and glass.  

Magnetic  surface

Magnetic accessories

VES Enamel