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Are Notice Boards Really Fire Safe?

More than ever now, we need to know, are notice boards really fire safe? How will large products like notice boards will fare in the event of a fire. While nearly all felt pin boards may have a fire rating for the actual felt, usually something like “Class 1 Fire Rated”, people can be fooled into thinking the whole notice board is fire rated, and that’s simply not the case.

What’s the Problem?

Most pin boards are made from industry standard medium-high density fibre board, which has no accepted fire rating. What’s even worse is people may buy a board on the basis of the fire rating of the felt and then chose to have one with a wooden frame. Last time we checked, wood doesn’t have a very good fire safe rating at all!

Cork pin boards have the same problem, while cork does not catch fire, the cork on a notice board is a just a thin layer, usually 1-2mm thick, laminated on to the same medium-high density fibre board used in the construction of felt pin boards.

Is there something better?

Is there an all round safer notice board? Thankfully yes. If you want a truly fire safe pin board then there is really only one choice, Sundeala FRB board. Sundeala is the name of a recycled pin board made from waste paper products like magazines and newspapers. But don’t get concerned that paper burns quite well, because as long as you buy the FRB (Fire Rated Board) version your in much safer hands.

The board is treated with fire resistant chemicals at the pressing stage allowing the board to achieve the criteria for the European Harmonised Standards BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11825-2 / Class B.

It’s a great pin board too. So if you have strict building regulations, or need to consider public safety, or just want peace of mind at home, then consider a Sundeala FRB.

Oh and by the way, you can have them unframed, aluminium framed, uncovered in eight colours or covered with fire rated felt or fabrics so your choice remains considerably large.

See our selection of Fire Safe Notice Boards.

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