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Frameless Notice Boards

A collection of frameless notice boards in various fabrics including felt, hessian & Nyloop fabrics. Unframed notice boards have a distinctly contemporary look that suits almost all decors. Our unframed fabric covered boards are made by securely bonding the fabric to the board surface, edge and finally tucked around the back of the board. This gives a truly smart and professional finish. This ensures rigidity and excellent pin depth and pin retention. We can supply frameless notice boards in over a 100 fabric colours. So if you need to match a corporate, school or décor colour, check out our colour range here. We have access to even more colours, contact us to find out more. Try our latest range of shaped pin boards such as our circle, hexagon, cloud & speech bubble unframed notice boards.

Cut to Size Frameless Notice BoardsGet a FREE Quote!

We can supply any of our frameless notice boards in unique, made-to-measure sizes. Perfect when you want to optimise your wall space. Unframed boards, whether standard or custom sizes, can butt-mounted close together to completely cover entire walls. We can even supply boards without a fabric for just this purpose. Just tell us the size of the wall area you want to cover and we will work out what you need and provide a free, no obligation quotation. We can even supply frameless notice boards cut to your own design and shapes, contact us for a quote.

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