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Lockable Notice Boards

Notice Me supplies a large range of lockable notice boards for both indoor and outdoor use. Products are divided into categories for easier searching. Our external lockable notice boards contain a comprehensive range. Including budget, mid-range and extra-large models. With wall mount, post mounted and fence mount options. Additionally we have added more fire resistant indoor locking notice boards.  Hence they are ideal for sensitive areas like stair wells, corridors, public access areas etc. There are a range of traditional wood framed lockable boards too. For example there are real wood, MDF or newer models that feature a permanent wood effect print on aluminium, very smart!

Choice of 40+ Colour Fabrics on our Range of Lockable Notice Boards!

If you want to add some drama and flare to you notices, check out our huge range of fabric colours. Overall we have around 40 fabric colours to choose from with these products. Now you can buy lockable notice boards that more closely match your corporate colour scheme. décor, school colours ore even create a mood. The choice is yours. Best of all we never sell at retail prices, every product is discounted.