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Mobile & Free-Standing Notice Boards

The traditional tried & tested felt notice board has been a workhorse for many a year. No wonder then that it has found equal popularity in a mobile or free-standing format. These days nearly all possible requirements are catered for. For example we have the ever reliable mobile revolving notice board. This double sided pin board is now available in a basic 4 colour felt range, or our new Accents version giving a choice of 7 vibrant colours. Need an adjustable mobile board? Try our stand mounted landscape / portrait convertible mobile notice boards and foyer boards.

Then there are our 3 & 4 sided rotating notice boards on a stand. Available in great choice of 14 fabric colours. Or consider a mobile combination board. These space saving boards combine a whiteboard and pinboard in the same product. Choose from a split type, where half the same surface is dry wipe and the other half a notice board. Or alternatively, select a version where the whiteboard covers one complete side and the reverse is a pin board. Whatever your requirement for a mobile notice board, we probably have the solution for you. But if not, contact us, we may still be able to help.

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