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Snap Frames

Poster Frames in sizes from A4

Poster frames are a low cost solution to displaying posters in the popular ‘A’ sizes such A4, A2 etc. The range is broadly divided into units with a lockable door or the lower cost snap frame. With further options relating to colour, corners and things like internal lighting.

Snap Frames

Snap frames have a frame that ‘peels’ back to allow the contents to be changed. Each edge is independent of the others, so each side needs to peeled back by hand (see diagram). Once open, you simply remove the clear plastic sheet and insert your message. Then replace the plastic sheet and push the sides back down until they snap into place. Job done. The range has become comprehensive, which is a testament to the basic design success. For example there are now security versions requiring the use of a special lever key to open them. Additionally there are fire rated versions for use in public areas or where building regulation specify the use of fire safe products.

But perhaps the best two things about these units, is their low price and the options. For example you have a choice of frame width from 15 – 44mm. Corner designs & Colour. Or we can supply them custom made. Special size? Need to match a special colour? Get a free quote. 

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