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Eco-Friendly & Recycled Notice Boards

A range of recycled & part recycled notice boards made from eco-friendly products. This environmentally-sustainable / friendly board is almost 100% recycled and meets all UK corporate, government and authority environmental policy statements.

Sundeala is widely used in primary schools & nursery’s for pinning children’s artwork. Sundeala boards are composed of densely compacted fibres with excellent durability and pin retention.

Uncovered Sundeala pin boards can be easily restored with sandpaper when they become grubby and worn. This point alone gives them a long service life. Sundeala boards are available unframed or framed, uncovered in a choice of eight colours or covered with a selection from our 100+ different colour fabrics. Also available in a fire safe retardant version, ideal for public places and where fire regulations are in place.

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