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Wood Frame Notice Boards

A comprehensive range of wood frame notice boards. A wood frame is more traditional and gives a less industrial look to any pin board. Thankfully we also have more choices these days. While real solid wood has become more expensive, there are many good looking alternatives. Our eco-friendly wood effect frames are a great place to start. You can enjoy the look of wood frame notice boards, but still only pay a budget price. Then there are our premium eco boards, featuring a 46mm extra wide bevelled frame in a Beech or Black effect.

More recent models include a smart range of coloured wood effect notice boards. Here the frame matches the pin board surface and models include black, blue, red and green. Additionally we have also added a range of black wood frame notice boards. The black wood effect has become more & more popular over the last few years. Despite being an eco friendly product, this creates a very stylish board and you can choose from five contrasting fabric colours or a cork surface. Check out our growing range of wood frame notice boards below, all at discounted pricing.

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