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Custom Printed Whiteboards

Custom printed whiteboards can save time and money!

Custom printed whiteboards can often represent better value than an unprinted one! If you regularly need to re-draw the lines and grids on a board. Or apply new marking tape every couple of weeks, then that’s time you or your staff could be putting to better use. Worse still is when cleaning the board of written information, the hand drawn pen lines get rubbed off as well!

A professionally printed board will generally be tidier and easier to read. Easier to clean without destroying the lines and grids you need. Save time and save money as you don’t have waste staff time on creating the information every few weeks. We offer both a full surface print and a logo only, lower cost option.   

Highest Quality Print Method

We use a very high quality direct to surface print technique called dye sublimation. We are so confident of the print durability that we offer a 10 year surface guarantee. 

Putting your bespoke printed whiteboard to work

There are so many uses for custom printed whiteboards that even our customers keep surprising us with their plans, ideas and designs. The most popular uses are usually for staff planning and allocation, hospitals for example use them so that people can see who is on duty at a glance in busy areas like accident and emergency departments. While schools often use them for teacher and class allocation. Here are just a few more uses;- production schedules, stock movements, weekly and monthly planners, sales figures and staff achievements.

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