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Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

Wall mount, Mobile Revolving, Mobile Easels & Desktop

Check out this latest range of contemporary glass whiteboards. Looks alone make owning make these products desirable. The frameless and modern design with it’s clean lines are more pleasing to the eye. But there are tangible benefits too. The super hard and super smooth glass surface is absolutely ideal as a whiteboard. Indeed, the smoother the surface the easier it is to clean and maintain. Another key benefit is that image quality is also improved. Consequently, your written text will be sharper and clearer. Cleaning will be quicker and you will enjoy more productivity.

All magnetic glass dry wipe boards have a thin metal sheet behind the board, so magnets adhere to the glass surface as they are drawn to the metal fixed to the opposite side. For best results neodymium should be used. Wall mount glass whiteboards can also be supplied in custom sizes and with a choice of up to 80 colours! Please contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.

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