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Mobile Whiteboards - Revolving & Freestanding

Notice Me supplies a large range of freestanding and mobile whiteboards to suit a diverse range of applications. Among these are the ever popular revolving whiteboards. A solid and reliable choice. Moreover we can also supply them custom printed (contact us for a free quote). Additionally we are pleased to include to include a pivoting version too. In this case the board can be steered to a particular part of the room. Particularly useful for larger audiences. Another key point is the unit can be set up to rotate on the vertical or horizontal axis. Thus extending both the function and value of these units.

Fixed position mobile whiteboards add a sturdy and price conscious alternative. Similarly should you need something a little smaller, we have those too. We also have more industrial solutions. For example our 4-sided mobile whiteboards for factories & production management. Or our three-sided rotating unit on a stand, ideal for call centres and sales offices.

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