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A4 & A3 Chalk Lap Boards Unframed

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Super tough 3mm thick chalkboards in A4 & A3 sizes.

A4 Magnetic & A3 Non-Magnetic

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A4 & A3 Chalkboards Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Unframed in Packs

Super thick 3mm rigid MDF based hand held A4 & A3 chalkboards. These boards have a stiff, solid feel in the hand. They do not flex when in use, making them ideal for writing. With a hard wearing MDF core these professional blackboards are suitable for school classroom use. Further extending their value and usefulness, each board is double-sided.

In addition the boards have rounded safety corners, while also making them more comfortable to hold.

The A4 size features a magnetic surface. Ideal for use with magnetic numbers and letter sets. Meanwhile the larger 470mm x 280mm size, (not an exact A3) has a hard wearing non-magnetic chalk surface. Guaranteed for 2 years these convenient sized boards are a great teaching aid. Supplied in packs for extra value.

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