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Bacteriostatic & Hygienic Unframed Notice Boards

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Bacteriostatic properties tested to EN-ISO 22196.  Hygienic notice boards that are ideally suited for hospitals and many other health care organisations. 7 different sizes with a choice of 7 colours. Self-healing washable surface. The notice board repels bacteria and dust making it an obvious choice for use in public areas and the health sector. Chemical resistance to EN-ISO 26987.

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Our bacteriostatic & hygienic notice boards are an ideal choice for hospitals and may other health care sectors.  But particularly suited to all areas where germs are of concern. the board has a  superb self- healing, non crumble pinnable surface. Correspondingly this bulletin notice board has an impressive 25 year surface guarantee.

The notice board repels bacteria and dust. In addition, the bulletin notice boards are washable with water. The product itself is made from renewable raw materials which makes it the perfect environmentally friendly noticeboard.

The board is made from bacteriostatic, hygienic Forbo Bulletin material with self-healing properties.

  • Bacteriostatic properties EN-ISO 22196
  • Chemical resistance EN-ISO 26987 Resistant to diluted acids, oils and the most conventional solvents such as alcohol, white spirit, etc.
  • Anti-static
  • Sound absorption coefficient EN-ISO 354 ?w 0.1 (typical)
  • Natural materials (e.g. cork, linseed oil, jute) 91%
  • Recycled content 43%
  • Natural materials (e.g. cork, linseed oil, jute) 91%

These hygienic pin boards can be used in any location. But are particularly suited to classrooms, walkways, corridors and any location where hygiene or contact by the public may occur. The boards have many applications in hospitals such as behind beds in wards, ward notices, staff areas etc. In fact the superior material used in these bulletin boards makes them ideal for any situation where  dust rejection and hygiene are of importance.