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Compasso Weather Resistant External Snap Frame

£18.95£63.95 +vat

The Compasso WR is a high quality, designer style, weather resistant poster snap frame. This poster frame has a twin profile design, which means multiple frames can be mounted side-by-side without the need for a gap. The Compasso features an innovative, water resistant poster envelope to protect your information.

Delivery £12.95+vat / 2-3 Days for A4 -A1 sizes, & 2 weeks for all other poster sizes.



The Compasso weather resistant external snap frame is a high quality outdoor poster display frame using the popular snap open / snap shut system. The frame has designer style appearance and features a twin profile frame configuration. This means that the hinged, folding snap frame is internal to the overall outer frame. A frame within a frame if you will. This has a huge benefit and means multiple poster frame units can be mounted side-by-side, and can open without restriction.

Despite it’s low price point and weather resistant qualities, the Compasso has a very generous 37mm wide frame width. This ensures the unit remains stable and rigid. The frame is made from silver anodised aluminium. However colour versions can be produced to order. With combinations that include all frame sections in the same colour or a mixture of anodised and colour inner or outer frame.

Internally, the Compasso employs a innovative weather resistant poster envelope. This keeps your posters dry and looking good for a much longer period of time.

The Compasso outdoor snap frame is also suited to recessed apertures, again thanks to it’s inner opening frame within a frame design.

This is a ideal solution when you want to display a single poster sheet. The price is competitive, the design striking, and a solid build quality.

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