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Economy Cork Pin Notice Board Aluminium Frame

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Fixings included. Commercial quality 10mm thick board.

free delivery from Notice Mecut to size cork notice boards




At a Glance Details

Construction: Cork & Fibreboard
Surface: Cork
Sides:  Single Sided
Corners: Pre-Drilled + Caps
Guarantee: 2 Years

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Best Selling Cork Pin Notice Board!

Cork pin notice board suitable for commercial, office and school applications with excellent pin retention and natural cork surface.

The board features a rigid silver anodised aluminium frame, with pre-drilled corners for ease of installation. Nylon corner caps are supplied to hide the supplied screws and provide a smart finish for the product. Of all our pin boards These cork pin notice boards with aluminium frame are one of our most popular product lines and this range of economy boards are a consistent best seller.

Why choose cork?

Cork really is an amazing material, with a huge amount of benefits. So here are just a few good reasons why;- It’s fire retardant (it will char and go black, but it won’t actually ignite). It resists insects. It is moisture and dust resistant. It’s light in weight due to it’s honeycomb, air pocket structure. It recovers from crushing in a similar way to memory foam, albeit the process is a little slower. That means the surface is self healing and will remain looking good for longer. Finally, it’s a traditional finish that people still prefer, perhaps because it can be cleaned easier than say felt for example. Now you know why many people still choose a cork pin notice board for their messages.

Don’t confuse this product with cheaper, thinner lightweight boards, this product is designed for use in schools and colleges, commercial & home offices, further education and the home. Featuring an industry standard 9mm thick core and finished cork surface, these boards are designed for a long service life.

Great quality, great price and traditional design delivered in 7 days. Now comes with a 2 year guarantee for extra peace of mind. A Notice Me best seller!

** We can also supply cut to size cork boards similar to this, ask us for a FREE quote.


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