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Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard Panels

£99.99£169.95 +vat

Versatile Frameless magnetic whiteboard panel system. Use in portrait or landscape. Hidden rear fixings. Available in two useful panel sizes the can be closely mounted together to fill much larger areas. A smart & economical solution when a large writing surface is required.  

  • Hidden fixings
  • Modular, use multiple boards for larger areas
  • One size only
  • Magnetic surface
  • Smart frameless appearance


Mag-Tile Frameless Magnetic Whiteboards

More and more customers are demanding a new type of whiteboard. One without an industrial looking aluminium frame. Enter Mag-Tile, our frameless magnetic whiteboards. Customers really like the clean modern look, which fits in with modern classrooms, offices and training rooms. But it’s not just the good looks which have created the demand. Many customers want to fill a larger area or even a whole wall with a whiteboard. That’s where the frameless versions are truly ideal. Our Mag-Tile frameless  magnetic whiteboards can be mounted close together to cover a large area. The result is an almost seamless, continuous dry wipe surface that also looks great.  

Our new Mag-Tile system is the perfect solution for wall filling or single frameless magnetic whiteboards. Each panel can be mounted in either portrait or landscape, combine them to make best use of your wall space. Another key point to this design is that all the fixings are completely concealed behind the board.  Equally important is that you can butt-mount them close together for an almost seamless wall. On the whole these totally frameless magnetic whiteboards are ideal for training rooms, meeting rooms, designers, schools, colleges, factories, brainstorming and so much more.


Available in one size only, 1150mm x 750mm.  Install as single board, or combine them to cover larger areas. Whichever way you choose, these frameless dry wipe boards are a modern, contemporary style of writing board.

Custom Printed Option too!

For a truly stunning product, we can print these panel with your logo, graphics, charts and tables. In fact just about anything you want can be printed. Overall a great time saver that saves you having to re-draw lines or replace gridding tape. Ask for a quote for this option and we will provide a written estimate, no commitment.


5-7 Days @ £11.95 +vat / (mainland UK). Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland & other UK islands may cost more, contact us for a delivery quote.

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The Mag Tiles are available in two sizes, but can be closely mounted together to achieve larger & longer areas.

Panel Sizes

1150mm x 750mm

1500mm x 100mm


5-7 Days / £11.95+vat (mainland UK).

Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland & other UK islands are chargeable, contact us for a delivery quote.


We can custom print your logo, graphics, text and full colour photos on the surface of these unframed whiteboards. Contact us for a quote.