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Hessian Notice Boards in 12 Colours Aluminium Framed

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Modern version hessian covered aluminium framed notice boards. Contemporary range of 12 colours. Full range of popular sizes or can be made to measure.

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At a Glance Details

Construction: 8mm Core
Surface: Hessian Fabric Covered
Colours: 12 Hessian Colours
Guarantee: 2 Years



These hessian covered notice boards have a great square fabric texture based on the traditional Hessian brown sack material. However this contemporary version has a closer weave, meaning those square holes are much smaller in size. This has an advantage as we don’t really want to see the notice board internal core through the fabric. Similar fabrics, with this tighter weave, also referred to as ‘woven’, are used on office chars and pinnable office dividing screens. The fabric design is hard wearing, while also having more visual impact and style. But it’s also the colour choice that lends itself to the modern notice board.     

These Hessian pin boards are great value for money and that choice of 12 colours gives you a huge choice and helps your board blend in with it’s surroundings. Whether that be an office, reception area, school college or you home décor. Each board is made from an 8mm thick long lasting medium-high density fibre core material. The fabric is securely bonded to the board surface and edges and then slightly wrapped the back of the board for a smart looking professionally finished product.

Made to Measure Sizes Too!

All standard sizes are catered for, but we also offer bespoke made to measure sizes too! So if you have limited wall space or need to fit a board between wall obstructions, why not get it cut to size! Contact us for a FREE quote.

In conclusion, our Hessian unframed notice boards offer you a great range of extended colours with a hard-wearing textured fabric.


Three finishing options, Aluminium framed (this page), Unframed & Wood Framed.

A range of 8 standard sizes or made to measure sizes all at a very reasonable cost. Ask for a FREE quote on custom sizes!


£12.95+vat / Made up to order in 7 days


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