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Rotating 3-Sided Whiteboard

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Rotating 3 sided whiteboards are designed for busy rooms such as call centres & sales offices etc. In fact anywhere where changing information can be displayed in three (or four) directions. These 3 or 4 sided boards have a magnetic surace & are mounted on a strong pole with a flat circular base. Tough enough for factory production areas, visitor information  points, and more.

At a Glance Details

Construction: Steel & Aluminium
Colour: White, black or Grey pole & base
Sides: 3 or 4 magnetic whiteboard or optional felt pin board
Corners:  Plastic Capped
Guarantee: 5 Years



Product Highlights

  • 3 or 4-Sided
  • Each Board 120 x 56cm
  • Magnetic surface
  • Rotates for best View
  • Custom Printed Option
  • Felt Pin Board Option
  • Powder Coated Steel Base
  • 5 Year Guarantee

rotating 3-sided whiteboard magnetic

Freestanding 3 & 4-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard


Overview of the Multi-face Call Centre Boards 

A 3-sided whiteboard is a great space saving idea. These freestanding, 3 or 4 sided magnetic whiteboards can be seen from most areas in a room. Thus making it ideal for use in large sales offices and call centres. Additionally the unit rotates 360 degrees to achieve the best angle of view for the location.

Each board surface is fully magnetic allowing the use of magnetic pins and other magnetic accessories. Long lasting quality surface ensures your writing is sharp and the boards are easy to clean. This is a well made robust unit designed to give you many years of reliable commercial use. The stand features a secure welded construction and sturdy coated steel pole and base.

Can also be optionally supplied as felt pin boards or a mixture of both whiteboards & pin boards. Choose from a wide selection of felt colours, prices on application.

A versatile and useful addition to many open-plan offices where changing information is required on hand. Great for sales figures, targets, promotions, reminders and many other uses.


The complete unit stands 2000mm high. Each individual board measures 1200mm x 560mm.


Coated steel whiteboard and powder coated steel base. 


Felt Pin Board Versions

The 3 & 4-sided multi-face boards are available in a felt pin board version with a choice of 14 felt colours. As well as a range of 14 loop nylon fabric colours. 

Click to visit the Freestanding 3-sided pin board version.

Custom Printed Whiteboard Versions

Any number of the faces can be custom printed with your own graphics, logo, charts and tables. 


FREE Delivery in 7 working days.


All variations of the 3-sided & 4-sided magnetic whiteboards are covered by a 5 year guarantee.

Additional information

No. of Sides

3 Sided, 4-Sided


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