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Mobile Pivoting / Rotating Whiteboard

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A double-sided pivoting whiteboard on a mobile steel stand with locking castors. Can be used in pivoting or rotating mode. Magetic or economy non-magnetic. 5 Board sizes. 5 Year guarantee.

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Mobile Pivoting / Revolving Whiteboard 

Competitively priced mobile whiteboard that can be ‘steered’ in the direction required. Because the board revolves on it’s axis, it can be pointed to a particular side of the room. Unlike many other versions, this mobile pivoting whiteboard can also be set up in the popular horizontal axis rotating mode. Once adjusted to the desired position, the board angle can be locked in position. This dual set up option means you two versions in one which makes this a great value product.

Double-sided board gives twice the writing area in the same footprint. Customers can select the economy non-magnetic version, or the more useful fully magnetic dry wipe surface. Operators can then use a selection of magnetic pins, copy holders and other accessories to further increase the effectiveness of the display. The double-sided board allows copy can be written on the reverse in advance and the information hidden from view until required.

The included mobile stand is made from tough coated steel. A stability bar ensures the unit is kept straight and sturdy.  Additional full length accessory shelf further increases stability and can hold dry markers, dusters etc. A range of 5 board sizes are available from 900mm(w) x 1200mm through to 1800mm(w) x 1200mm.

Despite a low price point, we are happy to guarantee the whiteboard surfaces for 5 years, which represents great value for money and peace of mind. The mobile pivoting whiteboard is a traditional and trusted means of communicating in training rooms. It’s portable nature means it can taken from room to room whenever required. For a limited time we are now shipping these units DELIVERY FREE!

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