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Unframed Notice Board Tiles (Pack of 4)

£28.95 +vat

New super lightweight unframed notice board tiles. Easy & quick install with peel & stick adhesive pads. Eco-friendly product. 30 x 30cm squares sold in packs of 4 tiles. Choose from 12 different colours (packs contain all the same colour).

– Lightweight and easy to handle
– Designed to reduce noise in building interiors
– Ready to use immediately
– Made from 100% recycled plastic
– Quantity discounts available, call our sales team!

– No screws required, easy self-adhesive peel & stick mounting


Our new unframed notice board tiles are a colourful and fun alternative to conventional frameless pin boards.  For example they are very lightweight, which make them easy to handle. It also allows them to be installed in seconds with the supplied self-adhesive fixing pads. A truly simple, no screws required fixing method. 

The tiles are 9mm thick. They have fibrous surface texture. Additionally they are easy to cut or trim to a specific size.


All unframed notice board tiles are supplied in a size of 30 x 30cm. Tiles are supplied in packs of 4 all the same colour. 

Unframed Notice Board Tiles – Configurations & Display Options

The great thing about tiles, even square ones, is they can be displayed in many ways. For example they can be partly rotated so that they are diamond shaped. Similarly, you can combine different colours to produce a more interesting design. Equally you can purchase packs in colours that match your school or corporate identity. In fact you can let your imagination go and produce all sorts of interesting and fun designs.

Examples of possible display configurations.     

unframed notice board tiles display ideas 

More & more people are becoming aware of the waste plastic problem we are all facing. For instance the issue concerning plastic bottle waste. Given these points, it’s comforting to know these pin board tiles are made from waste consumer plastics. Including plastic bottles. 

An ECO Friendly Product

– 65% recycled post consumer waste plastic
– 35% recycled pre consumer waste plastic
– 75% packaging reduction with like for like product
– 0% waste material for each panel
– 100% recyclable

 The modern answer to displaying your notices. Great choice of 12 colours, easy to install, lightweight and configurable. These unframed notice board tiles are a perfect solution for schools, nurseries and anywhere where your requirement is for something a little different.


7 Days / £9.95+vat

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