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magnetic glass whiteboards

Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

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These superb glass dry wipe boards are modern and stylish. A great new alternative to standard whiteboards. Chrome mounts included.

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Product Description

Contemporary Magnetic Glass Whiteboards in 10 Different Sizes

A superb range of  magnetic glass whiteboards made from toughened safety glass. These boards have a refreshing, frameless visual impact with clean lines. 

Available in an extensive range of 10 different sizes. Starting with the compact 500 x 500mm and extending right up to 2400 x 1200mm. Each board comes complete with a set of chrome mounts which float the board away from the wall. The result is a very stylish unit that is far removed from the more industrial and traditional dry wipe board. With the ultra smooth surface, you can be assured of ghost free text and image quality. Another key point is the easy clean nature of this product. Which means less time cleaning and more time for presentation.

A hidden steel back allows enables the glass surface to become magnetic. To ensure best results we recommend the use of neodymium extra strong magnet accessories.

Why use magnetic glass whiteboards?

Most smooth and non-porous surfaces will serve as a whiteboard to some degree. However, the smoother the surface the better the results will be. To illustrate this further, let’s consider the cleaning of a whiteboard. This basic function can take time and effort on a well used board. Not to mention the build up of marker ink that can get ingrained into the surface. Unless the board is cleaned thoroughly, this can affect the clarity of information being displayed. Smoother, harder surfaces like glass or enamel allow the marker’s ink to sit on the surface, rather than embedding into the surface. Another key benefit of magnetic glass whiteboards is that both text and diagrams look much sharper and are easier to read.

Enjoy all these features, prices discounted by up to 28% & FREE delivery.

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