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Sundeala Recycled Pin Boards Information

What is Sundeala Board?

Sundeala is the trade name for a recycled pin board or notice board. Made from recycled paper products like newspapers and magazines.  The sheets are 9mm thick and highly compressed to give a rigid structure that is hard wearing and restorable.

Environmentally Friendly

Almost 100% recycled and committed to recycling.

Environmentally sustainable and meets all UK corporate, government and local authority environmental policy statements.

sundeal shapes in different colours

Sundeala pre cut-shapes in different colours

sundeala recycled pin board material

Made from waste newsprint & paper products

Sundeala FRB fire rated pin board sheet

FRB Fire rated tested version pin board sheet

Sundeala warehouse

Sundeala stacked ready for delivery







Features & Benefits

  • Fire safety when specifying the FRB grade, with it’s fire retardant properties.
  • Excellent pin retention for notice boards.
  • Pre-sanded, soft feel surface.
  • Densely packed fibres give the board strength and durability.
  • Boards can easily be restored when they become grubby or worn.
  • Recycled and environmentally friendly.
  • Does not require a felt covering or frame, but both options are still available!
  • Comprehensive product range including shapes, animals Aluminium framed, wood framed & unframed in a variety of different colours etc.
  • Keen pricing, cut-to-size service and nationwide delivery.

Environmentally Aware Manufacturing

Sundeala board is environmentally sustainable and meets all UK corporate, government and local authority environmental policy statements.

Old newspapers are re-processed into Sundeala boards. A 24-hour facility produces 0.3 million boards each year, the equivalent of processing approximately 110 million newspapers.

As each tonne represents around three cubic metres of landfill space, that’s a saving of over 12,000 cubic metres per year – just from one factory!

Fire Retardant Board

Sundeala FRB board has been tested under the European Harmonised Standards BS EN 13823: 2002 and BS EN 11925-2 and fully meets the criteria for Class B.

Therefore may be used in locations that previously required British Standard and Building Regulation classifications of Class 1 and Class 0.

As a general guide Class B products should be used in fire escape routes, corridors and stairways etc.

If in doubt your local fire officer can advise on their correct use.

When Should I Use Sundeala?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Sundeala boards instead of felt pin boards or cork boards, here are a few of them..

  • You want an unframed board without any fabric covering (standard cork boards are not available without a frame)
  •  You need a fire retardant pin board to meet building regulations or for use in public places – Sundeala FRB is BS EN 13823: 2002 and BS EN 11925-2 compliant.
  • You want to buy an environmentally friendly pin board
  • You want a long lasting restorable board – can easily be brought back to a new condition with sandpaper

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Available Colours

sundeala colours

Colour Range