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A4 A3 A5 dry wipe whiteboards
A4 A5 A3 Dry wipe Whiteboards lap boards

Hand-Held Plain Whiteboards Super Tough 3mm Thick – Value Packs

£17.99£229.95 +vat

Hand held whiteboards in 1/2 A4, A5, A4 & A3 Sizes. 3mm thick rigid construction. Sold in different size packs for economy.

Construction: 3mm Coated MDF
Colour: White
Sides: Double-Sided
Corners: Safety Rounded
Guarantee: 1 Year


Product Description

 A4, A3, & A5 Dry Wipe Whiteboards Economy Packs of 10, 35 or 100 Boards – Special Price

Hand-held whiteboards in 4 different sizes with a super high quality 3mm thick MDF core, giving excellent rigidity when in use. These are hard-wearing and great choice when it comes to regular class room or training usage. In addition they have a very comfortable in-hand use by the adoption of rounded safety corners. Making this product ideal for lower infant schools, nurseries etc.

That 3mm thickness is an important point when buying hand-held dry wipe boards. If they are too thin they may bend when the child or user is trying to write on them. This can lead to concentration problems or simply frustration. That’s why we recommend a solid thick 3mm board like this. Because they are designed to offer a stable surface that encourages good writing application.

Each lapboard is double-sided and features a hard wearing, non-magnetic or magnetic dry wipe surface on both sides.

Whiteboards appeared on the commercial market as far back as the 1960’s, although their widespread adoption came many years later. However it wasn’t until the 1990’s that schools adopted the dry wipe board over the more traditional chalk boards. In this case the reason was clear. Amid rising concerns over dust allergies and children’s health, schools welcomed the newer product. These days the dry wipe board can be found throughout the education sector, business’s and many other places.     

Guaranteed for 1 year these convenient sized hand-held whiteboards are a great teaching aid for schools, general education, training & other uses.

Supplied in economy packs of 10, 30, 35 or 100 boards, depending on size, for extra value.

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