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A4 & A3 Magnetic Dry wipe boards

Rainbow Frame Wipe Boards

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Hand held dry wipe boards in A4 & A3 sizes. Multi colour frame. Double-sided in Magnetic & non-magnetic.

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At a Glance Details

Construction: Coated MDF
Surface: Magnetic & Non
Colour: White
Sides: Double-Sided
Corners: Rounded Safety
Guarantee: 1 Year


Product Description

A4 & A3 Magnetic Dry Wipe Boards

A4 & A3 lap boards with attention grabbing super multicolour plastic frames. These rainbow frames are engaging, stimulating and just more fun for children. Available in non-magnetic and magnetic versions which can used in conjunction with our packs of magnetic letters and numbers. A4 pupil boards measure 293mm x 209mm, while the larger A3 teacher board measures 293mm x 418mm.

The boards have a total thickness of 15mm at the frame and are very rigid and sturdy in use. Great for school classrooms, toddlers or just for fun.

Harder wearing than our unframed boards thanks to their protective plastic frame. A great addition to any class room. Even more so when combined with Magnetic letters and numbers packs.

Supplied in two pack sizes, 10 pack for A4 and a 5 pack for A3. Guaranteed for 1 year.


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